Pond and Lagoon CLearance

Our experienced waste management professionals regularly carry out pond and lagoon clearances across London and the South East. From initial site evaluation and risk assessments, to pumping and proper disposal of the sludge, we offer a total pond and lagoon clearance service. For more information, or to request a complimentary site visit, please contact our experienced team today.

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Specialist Settlement Pond & Lagoon Clearance Services

The use of a settlement pond or lagoon is a common practice to clarify waste water in a variety of industries. But due to the nature of the process, sediment and sludge will eventually build up that will require removal in order for the clarifying process to remain effective.

Our team of highly-experienced operatives can assist with all manner of pond and lagoon clearance requirements. Whether you’re dealing with difficult access or limited space, we have a range of specialist equipment to get the job done.

We will treat the sludge/water mixture from the pond or lagoon, extracting the sludge and sediment build up and allowing the water to run back into the pond. The extracted sediment will then be disposed of at a specialist drainage waste facility in accordance with all environmental requirements

Settlement Pond and Lagoon Clearance

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Lagoon and Settlement Pond Clearance Services

The build up of solid waste in your industrial lagoon or pond takes up space and reduces the overall capacity of the pond. This build up can impact the efficiency of the clarifying process making it important to regularly remove the sludge build up.

No two jobs are the same which is why we provide a bespoke clearance service catered to your exact needs. Just let us know your requirements and we will build a plan that will help you exceed your goals.

Our team of expert waste management operatives regularly handle pond and lagoon dredging in a variety of settings, so you can rest assured the job will be carried out with the upmost professionalism and in accordance with all laws and environmental standards.

For information on how First 4 Drains can help with your pond and lagoon cleaning requirements, please contact a member of our team today.